I am an artist, story teller, at home and migrant, working with drawing and fibre installation, video, performance and sculpture.

My work is concerned with the iconography of bodies in space -the social associations that the body evoke. I have spent two full years researching various materials and processes in order to find a synthesis to this dialectic. In all my experiences, my sense of image and material has remained constant, meaning that my sense of “the poetic” as an interpretive space, is filled with language and abstract thoughts often reconstituted and materialized in cut paper, drawings and objects.

The materials incorporated into the installation can be found anywhere in any household. Candy, cotton, animal hair, fake jewelry, baby powder, pow- der sugar, flour, powder detergent, chalk, thread, salt, paper, fake nails, fake hair, fake skin, play dough, fake leaves, fake flowers, dirt, mud, sand, earth, seeds, rotten fruits, vegetables, egg shells, needles, glass, saliva, fake blood. Patterns are formed by noise and movement through space, and routine come from pattern.

My work is characterized by unique materials such as vinegar and other liquids used in drawing for animation, cutting and stenciling gift-wrap and assorted papers for large scale wall installations, creating tiny thumb-nail sized objects in 3D printing all attest to the wide range of processes and materials used in the approach to installation which are all connected through the use of language. It is in the realm of language when it is performed that my ideas truly manifest them selves.


My work is concerned with the iconography of bodies in space -the social associations that the body evoke, such as how the body is both an individual creation, physically and phenomenologically, and a cultural product. I developed a dialogue between overloaded categories, such as political, oppositional and subversive art, to encourage reflection, not only about the efficacy of artistic forms of the body, but also about the very nature of body art.

I am interested in material culture, the transnational, critical theory and postmodern geography, utilizing such notions as discursive diasporas’, geographies of exclusion, and structural violence. My research and practice deals with the disappearance of personal and collective memory and how, through political and activist art, novel configurations of memory can be re-instituted.

I was born in 1987 in the city of Tai’an, from the marriage between Hongda and Min. I moved to Montreal to pursue MFA, in 2012. My family span half the world, in Canada, Taiwan, Australia, and Hongkong. We are all together in this dance.